Molding A New Set of Ear Tips

To mold another set of tips open the UE FITS App on your mobile device. Once you have the app open do the following:

  1. If your are not already connected, please connect your earbuds to your mobile device by placing both buds in the case, hold the upper right button down until both buds are flashing white rapidly. Go to your Bluetooth settings and connect to UE FITS.
  2. Open the UE FITS App
  3. Select the burger menu on the top left corner, then select “mold new tips”
  4. Scroll through the instructions on how to remove your current ear tips and attach the tips you would like to mold.

Peel off the current tips by pulling the tips and the earbuds apart.



 Remove the hard plastic insert from the un molded tips.



Look Inside the tips and match the L and R tips to the appropriate buds.



Attach the un molded tips, and make sure to check that they are inserted correctly, there should be no gap between the tips and the earbuds.





Select next, you will see instructions on how to pair your earbuds, you should already be connected so select “got it!”




 Allow them to connect.




Try your new earbuds on, select next and let the App do its magic.




** Both earbuds will need to be connected for this to work. Don't worry if you only need to mold one side you can leave your already molded tip on the other side because the tips wont change shape after they have been fully formed.

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