Are more drivers better?

Not necessarily, more drivers = different.

All of our monitors are designed with a specific sound goal in mind. We design the drivers and internal components from the ground up to achieve the sound goal set out. Think of it like ice cream, all ice cream is great, but you probably have a specific flavor you enjoy more than others. In the same way, all of our monitors are great, but each is totally different.

When choosing a model think about how you like to listen, which tones are a priority for you, and then match that to the model who's sound signature best fits your preference.


UE 7
The UE 7s are tailored for listeners of podcasts, music with high vocal frequency like Opera or classical. It has the least bass out of our models, with a focus on the mid and high-mid ranges to really let vocals and guitars shine through. It’s actually what we recommend to all vocalists that come our way

UE 11
The UE 11 was designed for those who want more low end. A dedicated sub delivers tight punchy bass. With 2 balanced armatures dedicated to the lower frequencies, the UE 11 delivers tight and accurate bass. Perfect for music with punchy bass, making it the ideal choice for listening to genres like Hip Hop, Electronic, and Rap. The dual bore sound channels keep the highs, mids, and lows phase aligned.

UE 18
The UE 18+ was designed for those who demand perfection. Get more detail, separation, musicality, and coherence in your music. Feel upper register harmonics, hear improved presence, and enjoy warm sound. Perfect for music with multiple instruments such as rock, metal, funk, jazz, and orchestral. Feel like you are in the room with the unparalleled clarity of the 18+, no matter what your listening too.

UE Live

They are our top of the line model with 8 drivers in each side for a total of 16 drivers. They are a really great balance of the frequency spectrum but have some really great lows and clarity but with a warm overall sound.

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