UE Custom App

Now that you have your new UE Customs you will want to download the UE Custom app (iOS/Android), to unlock the full potential of your earphones.




Select from our pre installed EQ options, created by our expert sound engineers.



Or create your own EQ by selecting the + sign in the top right of your screen



Our equalizer lets you fine tune the sound of your earphones. Once you find that perfect setting save it to your presets, so its always ready.



Create as many as you like to optimize for whatever you are listening to at the moment.

Volume Limiter

Ultimate Ears Customs sit closer to your eardrum than most earphones, so to protect your hearing your Bluetooth cable arrives with the volume limiter set to on. If you want to bump up the volume go into the UE Custom App (Android/iOS), and select the question mark in the top right of the screen,




and turn on Optimize for UE 18+ Pro, to access the full volume of your UE Customs. This will work no matter what model you are using.



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