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How do I disconnect my earbuds?
You can disconnect your earbuds by placing them back in the charging case and closing the lid. The charging case must have a charge for them to disconnect the earbuds and put them in charging mode.
My Tap Function isn't working?
If you have recently Updated your Firmware and are having issues issues with your tap function, please uninstall and reinstall your UE FITS app. Once the app has reinstalled, navigate to the Main Menu than Support. ​Inside this window, quickly tap Support 10 times. This will expose the Fix Taps option in the menu. 



After clicking on the Fix Taps in the menu go back to the home page and then select the gear in the upper right corner to get to your Settings. Make sure you have the tap functions you want to use turned on.​

How do I answer a phone call?
Double tap one of your earbuds to answer a call. If your call is answered from your audio device the audio will play from that device. You can also hang up by double tapping again.
Only one side of my earbuds shows as connected in my Bluetooth settings
This is completely normal as you will only need to connect to one side. Your device will allow you to select a primary side “UE FITS L or R” and this side will connect to your device. The first side you select will become your primary. The secondary side on most devices will show as “not connected” this is completely normal. You can learn more about our Bluetooth connection here.
How many times can I mold the same tip?
You are able to mold a set of tips once. Once you have gone through the entire molding process the tips will take shape. It will now feel less like gel and more like rubber. If you try molding the same tips they will not change shape.
Having trouble connecting earbuds to the UE FITS App?
  • Make sure the case lid is open with the earbuds in them.
  • Make sure the earbuds and charging case are charged.
  • Ensure both earbuds are connected to your audio device and can play sound.
  • If you have confirmed the above and still have issues, restart the app, then reconnect the earbuds.
  • If that doesn't work, restart your device.
  • Still, having issues? Uninstall and reinstall the App to ensure you have the latest version.
How do I Switch devices?
  • With the latest Firmware update (if you paired your earbuds to your preferred device previously, simply select ”UE FITS” in the bluetooth settings. *For some devices you will need to select your earbud’s name twice, first to disconnect it from the prior device and then to connect them to your preferred device.

If you are not running the latest Firmware update, you will need to disconnect or turn off the Bluetooth from the previous device before attempting to connect to your preferred device.

How do I pair to a new device?
  • Place your earbuds in the case with the lid open, initiate pairing mode by pressing and holding the case button for 3-5 seconds until the LED on the earbuds blink rapidly. Release the case button.
  • On your Bluetooth audio device, go to Bluetooth settings, turn on Bluetooth.
  • Select either “UE FITS” (some devices will display “UE FITS L and R” on your bluetooth settings, in this case you will only need to select one side either “L or R”)
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