Reset Your Earphones

Dealing with pairing, connection, sound, charging or App issues? You might want to try resetting your UE FITS.


Soft Reset

  1. Place your earbuds into the charging case.
  2. Close the case lid and plug the charging cable in.
  3. Open the case and remove earbuds.
  4. Try pairing earbuds.


This should complete a soft reset. If your issues persist, try our factory reset


Factory Reset

*Before you start the factory reset, disconnect and remove UE FITS from your Bluetooth settings.

  1. Place your earbuds into the charging case and leave it open.
  2. Press and hold the case button for 8-10 seconds or until the earbuds and LED indicator flash an amber light.
  3. Release the case button.
  4. Allow the earbuds a few moments to reset. They will briefly blink amber and eventually begin blinking white, indicating they are in pairing mode.


Once you have done the following steps, you will be ready to pair your earbuds. Note that once you reset your earbuds your UE FITS will revert to its default settings including your device name.


***Your earbuds and charging case will need at least 65% of battery life to successfully perform a factory reset.


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