Notes On Using FITS FW v1.1.8

Important Note: Our engineers noticed an issue with the rollout that was affecting some users. Please check out this article for instructions on how to fix your taps, if they stopped working after updating.


Building on our previous v1.0.5 firmware updates, firmware version 1.1.8 offers expanded control customization, adjusted tap sensitivity and further enhanced call quality.


New Single Tap Controls

Previously, FITS users could customize double tap controls, wherein they would tap the left or right earbud twice to trigger certain commands. 

FITS users can now incorporate single tap controls for a total of four unique control options. 

Users can choose from the following controls for double and single tap on the left and the right earbud independently: 

  • Play/pause
  • Increase volume
  • Decrease volume
  • Skip to next track
  • Return to previous track

To prevent confusion, double and single tap controls will have specific tones to help users distinguish which command they’re executing.

Adjusted tap sensitivity

We received feedback that some users were accidentally activating their tap controls. We’ve adjusted the sensitivity so FITS will be less prone to accidental activations.

Improved call quality

We’ve improved voice quality and clarity, including fixing an issue that caused some customers to hear static during calls.


v1.0.5 firmware updates


Easier switching between devices

Users no longer need to disconnect UE FITS from the currently connected device before connecting to another device.

Note: In some cases, to complete connection, it may be necessary to click twice on one of the FITS earbuds in the Bluetooth settings menu to complete connection.

Once you are connected to one FITS, whether L or R, your connection to the other FITS earbud will automatically synchronize.


Standby mode updates

Originally, after 10 minutes with no audio streaming, UE FITS would seemingly disconnect and enter standby mode with no audio notification. We have extended the standby time to 60 minutes and added an audio notification when the earbuds go into standby. 

Note: We have added a notification tone to indicate when standby mode is entered. 

To wake from standby, if the earbuds are left out of the case or idle, tap each earbud twice and wait a few seconds for power and connection tones. 


Another option is to place the earbuds in the case and then remove them. First, make sure your case is charging or has battery life remaining. 



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