Are my UE FITS Waterproof?

Your earbuds are sweatproof, they are not waterproof. In the event that your UE FITS earbuds come in contact with liquid other than your casual sweat while performing your daily activities, please wipe them down with a dry cloth. Although UE FITS are a lifestyle product, they can be used for moderate activities and even working out. 


*Sweat proof is not permanent and can decrease over time as a result of normal wear of the earbuds. 


UE FITS Charging case


Your UE FITS charging case is not water or sweat resistant. Nothing other than your earbuds should be stored inside,so be cautious of getting liquid or moisture in it. Your UE FITS earbuds should be fully dry before redocking them into the charging case. Ensure that the case is stored in a dry and clean area.


We would love for you to keep your UE FITS from water damage. Here’s how:


  • Avoid dismantling your earbuds.


  • Avoid swimming or showering with your earbuds.


  • Don’t submerge your earbuds in any pool of water no matter how small.


  • Avoid using your earbuds in extremely humid environments such as the steam room or sauna.


  • Avoid exposing your UE FITS to pressurized water.


If your UE FITS earbuds come in contact with water or other liquid substances, ensure you take the following steps:


  • Dry them immediately using a dry soft cloth.
  • Do not use any external heat or air sources to dry them.
  • Ensure that they are fully dry and free of moisture before charging them, as charging wet earbuds may cause damage to both the charging case and the earbuds.
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