What is the Lightform technology?
UE’s patented Lightform technology uses light to mold the gel-filled earbud tips to the contours of your ear. The gel-filled silicone tips harden when exposed to light. The UE FITS app will guide you through the customization process, achieving your perfect fit in about 60 seconds.
What are UE FITS compatible with?
The UE FITS app is compatible with iOS and Android devices running the latest software. UE FITS are compatible with any device that supports at least Bluetooth 2.1.
What's included?
UE FITS comes with a set of Lightform ear tips, a pocketable charging case, and a USB-C charging cable.
How many devices can my UE FITS be paired to at one time?
UE FITS can connect to one audio device at a time. They will pair with up to 4 devices. To connect to a new device simply disconnect from the previous device and initiate pairing mode, then connect with your new device.
Are these noise cancelling?
UE FITS custom earbuds use passive noise isolation. They mold to the unique contours of your ears to block outside noise so you can listen at a safe, comfortable volume.
What is the warranty?
UE FITS come with a 1-Year Limited Warranty. The warranty covers any manufacturing defects or failures for up to 1 year after purchase. 
What is the Fit guarantee?
Our Lightform custom tips mold to the contours of your ears in about 60 seconds using the UE FITS app. If you have any fit issues after molding your tips our fit experts will be here to work with you until you get the perfect fit. If we can’t resolve your fit issues to your liking, you can return your earbuds within 30 days of receiving them for a full refund.
What is the battery life with full charge?
UE FITS earbuds will provide up to 20 hours of combined playback time on a full charge. The earbuds carry up to 8 hours of playback time and the charging case provides up to an additional 12 hours of playback time. UE FITS also offers a Rapid Charging feature that allows you to get 1 hour of playback time with a quick 10 minute charge.
Are the UE Fits waterproof?
UE FITS are sweat proof and not waterproof. They are great for working out and many other activities.
Can noise cancelling be turned on and off?
Your UE FITS custom earbuds use passive noise isolation. Isolation is achieved by creating a perfect seal inside your ear canal with our custom molding tips. The snug seal and perfect fit you get after molding your custom tips will serve as a shield to block out unwanted noise. This feature cannot be turned off.
What is the range of the UE Fits?
UE FITS has a wireless range up to 20 meters.
What is the return policy?
UE FITS comes with a perfect fit guarantee and a 30-day risk-free return policy. You have 30 days from the date you receive your earbuds to return them if you are not satisfied.
Do they ship internationally?
UE FITS are currently only available within the US.
Can I use them for phone calls?
They are great for phone calls! They offer advanced dual mic noise reduction capabilities. This enables your earbuds to reduce background noise and enhance your voice while you are taking phone calls.
Can I workout in them?
Yes, you absolutely can! Not only are they sweatproof, the custom fit ensures that they will not fall out of your ears, no matter how rigorous your workout is.
How does the custom fitting process work?
The UE FITS app will guide you through the custom molding process. Once you have downloaded the app, insert the earbuds and let the tips conform to the natural shape of your ears. Hit the start button in the app and trigger the 60-second molding magic, Fusing our patented Lightform technology.
Can I use these on an airplane?
UE FITS are amazing for flights! The comfortable perfect fit forms a seal around your canal that allows you to block out unwanted ambient noise. No matter how long your flight is, enjoy your earbuds free of discomfort.
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